Dr. Hristina Domuschieva


Dr. Domuschieva was born in the beautiful country of Bulgaria famous for its rich history, Black Sea beaches, and Mediterranean climate. When Dr. Domus was 9 years old she moved, along with her immediate family, to the United States and settled in an older Italian neighborhood of Syracuse, New York. In January 2006, after receiving a scholarship at the University of Saskatchewan, she made the brave and cold journey to Saskatoon. While there Dr. Domus studied Biochemistry and until she entered the College of Dentistry at the University of Saskatchewan in 2008. After graduating Dr. Domus was a practicing dentist at the Midtown Dental Clinic for 7 years. Dr. Domus is a member of the College of Dental Surgeons of Saskatchewan, and the Canadian Dental Association. Dr. Domus has a large extended family overseas and makes yearly trips to see all of them. In her spare time, Dr. Domus enjoys watching movies (especially independent movies), reading books (mostly self- help and history), watching Star Trek, playing strategy board/computer games (Civilization, Ticket To Ride, Eclipse…) and travelling. Dr. Domus is a lover of foreign cuisine and enjoys experimenting with different types of foods.